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Meet Dr. Haddara

Orthopaedic Surgeon & Nutrition Expert

Dr. Haddara is a consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, licensed to practice medicine in Egypt since 1983. Currently working across the globe as an orthopaedic surgeon with Doctors Without Borders, helping in treating the less fortunate communities suffering from natural and man-made disasters. He also works for the Trillium Gift of Life network coordinating the tissue transplantation process in southwest Ontario, Canada Haddara has become very interested in nutritional control of obesity and other associated health hazards, and recently started free assessments and Diet Coaching sessions to his work schedule.

Credentials: Haddara has been reading extensively in the science of nutrition and attended several conferences and specialized courses in nutrition (Like Food and Health by Stanford University) and Alison Diploma in Human Nutrition. Moustafa Haddara is also a certified diet coach by Ideal Protein Academy.


  • Bachelor of Medicine and surgery, Alexandria, Egypt

  • Masters of Orthopaedic Surgery, Alexandria Egypt

  • Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland

  • Fellowship of the Association of Internal fixation, Switzerland

  • Master degree in Surgery, Western University, Canada

  • Diploma of Orthotic Biomechanics, Strathclyde University, UK.​

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