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Personal Therapeutic Diet

Diet and nutrition programs should be individually personalised, as they require to take into consideration several lifestyle and medical history attributes

Personalised Therapeutic Diet

Therapeutic diets are personalised programs that must be designed for each person according to her/his personal attributes, like weight, height, fat distribution,, gender,, medical conditions, diseases that run in the family, medicines that s/he uses, blood tests' results, x-rays, previous diseases and food allergies. This is in addition to the nature of her/his type of work, the eating habits and the nature of the surrounding environment. Also religious and intellectual beliefs are maybe considered while creating personalised diet and nutrition programs. 

We regularly notice that there are printed and generic diet programs that people circulate, and we see that such programs may harm your health, because they deal with all people as they only suffer from excess weight, and do not suffer from any other diseases or conditions.  On the other hand, nutritional and health advice that warn of harmful substances or encourage good habits are beneficial and effective for most people. 

If you want to start a diet designed specifically for you that takes into account all your health and personal requirements, please book a consultation.

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

The Healthy Lifestyle

What you eat enters into the structure of every cell of your body, and you are in control whether to supply your body with good or bad building materials.

Our bodies are equipped with capabilities and mechanisms to get rid of harmful substances in food if consumed in small quantities, but your insistence on eating harmful food daily, this would lead to a deterioration of your defence capabilities and the emergence of chronic diseases.

Movement and activities are the basis of life. Sitting for long periods harms the body and leads to weight gain, muscle weakness, back stiffness and decreased immunity.  

Daily exposure to the sun has benefits beyond your imagination, not only to the bones, but to the efficiency of most internal organs and systems.

Inner Peace

Periods of peace and meditation / prayers may recharge your energy and increase your immunity and healing.  

Fasting is the most powerful cleanser for the liver and intestines from accumulated toxins.

Positive interaction with family and friends and volunteering for help stimulate our healing capabilities and enhance our morale.

The reassuring psychological state is the desire of all of us, and it requires us to take into account our health with a lot of love and affection in our lives. Good companionship is a way of psychological comfort. Stay away from negative and self-destructive people, hold on to those who love you.

Caring for the needy, the poor, and the elderly may also have positive effects on your psychological comfort and state. Having pets may also be the way for you!

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